HALIFAX -- Ellen Page’s documentary “There’s Something In The Water” has been released on Netflix.

The movie, based on a book of the same name, explores the topic of environmental racism in Nova Scotia.

Ingrid Waldron is the author of “There’s Something In The Water.” She was thrilled to have Page join her in the fight against environmental racism.

“To have somebody like Ellen, who is a celebrity, but also a Nova Scotian, bring this to a wider platform, really elevates the work,” say Waldron.

“It’s extremely exciting to have that work elevated through a film, but through a global platform like Netflix, where the whole world, or about 100 countries I believe, can see this film, and also connect with the experiences of the communities, it’s been exciting.”

Page says, not long ago, environmental racism was a topic she was unfamiliar with.

“Originally, after talking to Ingrid Waldron … and brainstorming about ideas how to help elevate these issues, her voice, and the stories you see in this film, Ian Daniel (the film’s co-director) and myself thought that we would head up to Nova Scotia with some cameras to put some things online and one thing after another and here we are,” says Page.

“I hope that it (the documentary) educates a lot of people about that issue that is systemic in Nova Scotia, in Canada, and all around the world.”

When asked why she felt it was important to shine a light on the issue, Page responded “it’s just absolutely what I should do.”

“To me it’s important in the sense that, for me it feels actually crucial, in terms of the degree of privilege and the platform that I have,” says Page.

Page is self-isolating in New York with her wife and her dog during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“Mostly I’m thinking about all those who don’t have the ability to stay home, who don’t know where the next paycheck is coming from, who already suffer from various health issues that make them more vulnerable to this.”