HALIFAX -- Cumberland-Colchester MP Lenore Zann thinks the RCMP should use the province's emergency alert system in the future if there is ever another active shooter situation in Nova Scotia.

"I think it would have been good if it had of been used," Zann of the weekend's murder and arson spree that left 22 victims and a suspect dead.

"I think we're learning from experience; this has never happened here before. After this, if we have another active shooter experience, they should probably send out an alert to let everyone know."

Zann said she learned about it when the PM's office called her on Sunday morning. She then made a Facebook post with all the information she had.

"In my riding, it's mostly older people and they use Facebook, they don't really use Twitter," said Zann.

Zann was referring to the RCMP's decision to post updates to the public via Twitter, rather than use the Nova Scotia emergency alert system.

Zann represents most of the communities where people died during the weekend shooting and arson spree.

She says, even though Monday's news of additional victims was expected, it was still difficult to process.

"It's been an unrolling shock wave," Zann said. "It's been getting bigger and bigger. People are beside themselves with grief."

There are 16 crime scenes and 22 victims that have been discovered so far.

"I'm hoping that this is the last of it," Zann said.

She says she knows many people who have been frantically trying to contact people who live in the area and who haven't been heard from since the weekend.