FREDERICTON -- New Brunswick’s department of health confirms that a report into emergency room services has been given to Health Minister Dorothy Shephard.

The review was ordered after the death of 16-year-old Lexi Daken.

Daken waited in the Everett Chalmers Hospital emergency room in Fredericton for over eight hours with her guidance counsellor to see a psychiatrist – and never saw one.

She died by suicide six days later, on Feb. 24.

Her family believes had she gotten the help she needed at the hospital E.R., she would still be alive.

Two days after her death, the vice-president at Horizon Health Network called the situation “nothing short of a tragedy.”

"As with other matters of this nature, Horizon will be reviewing our internal processes to determine where improvements could have been made," Jean Daigle said on Feb. 26.

But Shephard called for a full review of ER services across the health network, and gave them a deadline of March 31.

On Thursday, a spokesperson for the department confirmed the minister has received the report, and will be “reviewing its contents over the next few days.”

“The Minister plans to have a round-table meeting with stakeholders shortly and will have more news to share after the meeting in the coming days,” said Bruce Macfarlane.

The province added $7 million to mental health services in the 2021/2022 budget.

Mental health advocates have since said, it’s not enough to fix the problems plaguing the mental health care system.