The family of the man killed behind an elementary school in Dartmouth on Thursday is asking the public to attend a march in his honour.

Rickey Walker, 48, was shot near John MacNeil Elementary School just before 3 a.m. His nephew, Brandon Walker, says he was like a father to him.

“He was a kind man,” said Walker. “He was a very private man who loved everybody. Everybody loved him.”  

Walker says he's been involved with organizations working to stop violence in the past.

“Unfortunately it took this event for me to actually realize how important it is as a community that we need to stand together,” he said.

A march is planned for Saturday at 2 p.m. where his uncle’s body was found.      

“Violence in our community has gone on way too long,” said Walker.

As for the investigation, police say it remains in the early stages and have no new information to share, but they have called in ground search and rescue to help.

“There's a big area that we're trying to search, and quite actually we appreciate that we're able to call on ground search and rescue to go and see, if they locate any evidence, they'll flag that and then an officer will come,” said Wendy Mansfield of Halifax Regional Police.

No arrests have been made. Brandon Walker is calling on the community to step up.

“Be there for us,” he said, “And really not just tomorrow, but start being more vocal on the idea of combatting violence in our community.”

Saturday’s event will also include a moment of silence in honour of Rickey Walker.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kayla Hounsell.