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'Everybody's pretty scared right now': Pit bull seized after two fatal dog attacks in Bedford

A neighbourhood is on edge after a pair of dog attacks that killed two family pets in separate incidents in West Bedford, N.S., over the weekend.

Neighbours say the animals involved were pit bulls.

Halifax Regional Police confirmed the first incident happened around 1:40 p.m. Saturday afternoon.

"A dog had attacked another dog when it came into the back yard where it was nursing puppies. The dog died as a result of its injuries. HRM Animal Services were called and continued the investigation," HRP spokesperson Cst. John MacLeod told CTV News via email.

Police were called back the following day at 7:35 a.m.

"The same dog from the previous incident attacked another dog that was with its owner walking on the side walk. The dog died as a result of its injuries. The dog was taken into custody by HRM Animal Services and they have taken over the investigation." said MacLeod.

The second attack was captured on a doorbell camera in the area.

The unsettling video shows the owner, walking with the toy poodle named Sunny. They stop to converse with another neighbour, when out of the blue, a dog charges into picture and clamps down on Sunny, who died instantly.

"The dog was dead and the owner was just kind of holding him in his jacket, in his arms," one neighbour told CTV News.

Another heard the commotion and bolted outside, eventually coaxing the larger dog to follow him home, but he sensed no aggression from the animal.

"Not really," said the man.

"The dog honestly just seemed scared, and probably instinctually, he's in his primal thinking, right? An untrained dog is going to attack."

Neighbours identify the first dog who died as another small breed named Latte.

HRM provided very few details on the case.

"We can confirm that Animal Services has one dog in custody. Because this is an active investigation, we cannot provide any further details at time this time, or provide an interview," said HRM Public Affairs advisor Klara Needler, via email.

Neighbours, though, were talking Monday.

"It's pretty scary," said one woman.

"You know, this is a sweet, safe family street with lots of kids, lots of animals and everyone deserves to feel safe, but right now, you looked out yesterday, nobody's playing. Nobody's walking their dog. Everybody's pretty scared right now."

"It's always a lively street. It's very family friendly, kids always playing outside," said another.

"We all get along, and it just created an atmosphere of just uneasiness. A little bit of shock for a lot of people."

Neither of the families of deceased pets chose to speak with CTV News Monday, but one neighbour had talked to one of them.

"Their little boys are four and seven, and they went to bed last night without their dog, which is a family member. I have one of those and it's like my little boy. So, nobody deserves that, and it broke my heart for that family, as it did the other family," the woman said.

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