Over the years, Wray Hart was a fixture in downtown Halifax. He collected recyclables and helped the homeless, even though at times, he himself was homeless.

In the early hours of a cold Saturday morning in January, the down a man well-loved on the streets of Halifax was struck and killed by a vehicle along Queen Street. Saint Mary’s MBA student Dennis Patterson was charged with impaired driving and criminal negligence causing death.

Almost five months to the day Hart’s family and friends are just across the street from his former perch near the old Central Branch of the Halifax Library. They are at Halifax Provincial Court to follow the case.

Tuesday, Patterson was in court and asked for more time to review the case before making a plea in court.

The delay is testing the patience of the Wray Hart’s family and friends.

“It's to be expected right? You know,” said Gary Julien.

“We're here for the long haul.”

Patterson's lawyer asked for more time to consider all the information in the case before his client would enter a plea.

Hart’s supporters, including his son, promise they'll be patient.

“Everyone's here to help,” said Anthony Wray Hart. “It just hurts.”

Crown Attorney Melanie Perry says delays are expected.

These cases are marathons, they're not sprints,” Perry said. “We try to be very clear about that because people are grieving, they've lost loved ones, and they want some sort of closure. But these things take time, they're very technical cases, and they take a while to get all the moving parts together.”

Perry says at the next court appearance July 17, they’re expecting the election and plea.

Outside the courthouse, Wray's supporters cluster and pledge to be back in court next month.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Laura Brown.