DIEPPE, N.B. -- A family in Moncton will soon have a new house in Dieppe, N.B., thanks to Habitat For Humanity.

"They made our dream come true," says Suleiman Elterek, as he stands next to the plot where the home will be built by the end of this year.

Elterek and his family have been living in social housing in the area since fleeing Syria in 2016.

Their current living conditions have been a challenge for the family, including their eldest son who has a disability.

"We need something really special for him," Elterek said. "And this house will be for him."

Chantal Landry is the executive director of Habitat For Humanity in the Moncton area.

"They have an apartment-sized kitchen," Landry said. "They share bedrooms that are very, very small. They are minimalists; there are no luxuries in that home so you know that they're taking very good care of their family."

The family of 10 includes eight siblings, all boys except for one girl.

"I asked her what colour she wanted her room and she lit up because she couldn't believe she could get her own room and pick a colour," Landry said. "I think those are such simple things that we take for granted."

Landry says hundreds of volunteers will be needed to build the six bedroom house, including the Elterek family themselves who will put in 500 volunteer hours towards the construction.

It's a job they're happy to take on

"So, we are going to learn from our own house, plus we are going to help others when we finish the home," said Elterek.

With help from the non-profit organization and a contribution from the city of Dieppe, the Eltereks are just months away from seeing their Canadian dream come true.

"Home ownership changes a life in such a way that it's immeasurable," said Landry.