HALIFAX -- It would appear the famous Oxford sinkhole was on someone's holiday wish-list this year, or at least the land was.

According to Nova Scotia real estate records, the property has been sold.

Long-term plans for the land remain unclear, but work is well underway to fill the massive hole that made national headlines in 2018.

On Sunday, every few minutes, a truck could be seen carrying a load of fill into the former Lions Club Park in Oxford, Nova Scotia. A couple of years prior, the massive sinkhole formed, swallowing trees whole and leaving the community helpless.

However, nearing the end of 2020, it appears the goal for the plot of land is for it to be filled for future construction.

"I think it's a good idea, doing something with it," says resident Norm Godfrey. "It was just left there, open."

Provincial real estate records online show the nearly five and a half acre lot sold on Nov. 17 for $10,000 – well below the listing price of $50,000.

The property was assessed at only $1,000 – a 100 per cent reduction – between 2016-2020. It's a price some people from the town say is worth the gamble of buying land containing a sinkhole.

"Nothing might happen again there for 200 years or more," says resident Guy Duncan. "And they've done a lot of drilling, so they must have a fairly good idea of what they are doing."

Signs on a fence surrounding the property indicate a "Roadhouse" is coming soon to the area. While residents aren't exactly sure what that means, they're pleased to see the land being used.

"I'm glad somebody is thinking progressively," says Duncan. "I don't want to see that nice property go to waste."

Meanwhile, the work to restore and fill the site is being done by Mervil Rushton Building Movers. However, there is no word on what the new developments mean for the Lions Club building, which also sits on the property.