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Federal and provincial partners work to end gender-based violence in N.B.


The federal government is spending more than 16 million dollars to implement the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence in New Brunswick.

"So today I am proud to announce a federal contribution of more than 16.3 million dollars over four years,” said Lisa Hepfner, parliamentary secretary to the Minister for Women and Gender Equality.

The plan is focused on three priority areas, increasing prevention efforts, reaching underserved and at-risk populations, and stabilizing the gender-based violence sector.

Some of the initiatives have already been put in place including the first on reserve women’s shelter at Natoaganeg First Nation.

"I'm hopeful that the work under the national action plan to end gender based violence will produce more success stories like this one,” said Jenica Atwin, MP for Fredericton.

“Because we know that supporting the sector's work is so important.”

According to the National Action Plan to End Gender-Based Violence, the 10 year plan is informed by over 1,000 recommendations from Indigenous partners, frontline organizations, experts, victims and survivors.

"It's very encouraging to hear that a significant portion of the funding that's going to be focused on prevention and awareness,” said Lorraine Whalley, executive director of Sexual Violence NB.

“That's an area that's always highlighted as it's important it's something we need to focus on rarely is there concentrated, consistent, sustainable funding.”

Despite the amount of money announced today for victims of violence, there are still concerns in other areas including pay equity.

New Brunswick’s minister responsible for women’s equality did not see implementing a plan for pay equity for women and gender diverse people playing a factor in preventing gender based violence.

"It's a non-issue because people are raising those salaries to keep their employees,” said Sherry Wilson, the minister responsible for women’s equality.

More than 11 million people in Canada experience intimate partner violence at least once since the age of 15.

According to police-reported data, there were 749 victims of sexual assault in New Brunswick in 2022.

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