A Maritime lobster fisherman has caught a rare find off the coast of Cape Breton.

Bryne Murphy was surprised to find two brightly-coloured orange lobsters in his traps off Glace Bay on the weekend.

“It’s a little shocking at first,” says Murphy. “You don’t see it too often, sticks right out in the trap.”

The odds of finding a bright orange lobster are about one in ten million, so finding two in the same trap is highly unusual.

“It’s one in ten million, so the chances of this happening again, we may not see another one for ten years,” says seafood plant owner Grant Shaw.

The unusual pair is causing quite the stir among customers at the seafood plant in Glace Bay.

“It’s really amazing to see an orange lobster,” says customer Brycen Murphy. “I’ve never seen one before, unless it was cooked.”

The lucky lobsters won’t have to worry about being cooked; they will stay in the tank at the plant for a week before being set free.

Murphy says they will wait until lobster season ends on Sunday to set the crustaceans free, to ensure the pair don’t end up in another trap.

This is the second time an orange lobster has been found in the Maritimes this summer.

Last month, a fisherman caught an orange lobster off the coast of Alma, N.B.