HALIFAX -- Gyms across the Maritimes have been closed for the past two months as part of the measures taken to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

On June 5, gyms in both New Brunswick and Nova Scotia will be allowed to reopen. However, many are wondering what workouts will look like under the new rules and regulations.

Max Chauvin is the general manager of the Zatzman Sportsplex in Dartmouth, N.S. He says, while the Sportsplex has been closed, he’s heard two different messages from the facility’s 600 members -- “let me in right now” and “I’m a little nervous.”

“We figure we will open a little later in June, but it won't be June 5,” says Chauvin.

Gyms are required to have their plans approved before they reopen.

At the Zatzman Sportsplex, Chauvin says physical-distancing rules will be enforced and strict cleaning protocols are already in place.

Chauvin says he wants members and staff to feel like they are in a safe environment

“You're going to see hand sanitizer everywhere. People will wipe down equipment before they use it and after, and you are going to see new types of cleaning,” says Chauvin.

At Queensberry Rules Boxing Studio in Dartmouth, the countdown to reopen is on.

“We are hoping on Friday, June 5 we are able to open first thing in the morning,” says Laura MacPhee, the head trainer at Queensberry Rules Boxing Studio.

MacPhee says she is awaiting instruction from the government on how many people will be allowed to train at one time in their one-room studio.

“We're hoping that we can offer a circuit or small classes. We will probably still continue with some online classes,” she says.

Macphee says she's confident her clients will respect the strict cleaning and hygiene rules.

“We have been blessed with having a great community that look out for each other. I think that they want us to be able to stay open. To do that they're going to have to be on board with the new protocols,” she says.

Pat James has a membership at two fitness facilities and is excited to get back to the gym.

“I think this will be a great release for people who need it,” says James.

James says being able to work out will be a stress reliever following a difficult two months dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic.