FREDERICTON -- Fredericton's food bank Greener Village, had a set back in their scheduled deliveries to those in need this week.

Their cargo truck used for their major pick-ups and deliveries is out of commission, after thieves stole the catalytic converter on Monday.

"Each day that vehicle is out on the road picking up food donations from grocery stores or from people who have large scale food donations it's our larger truck so if we a distributor or manufacturer who has a large donation of palletized items that'd be the truck that we'd send for that," said Alex Boyd, executive director of the Greener Village Food Bank.

They're working to serve their 1,000 plus client's as best they can but it's put a damper on their delivery schedule and the back to school prep they were hoping to put their time and energy towards.

Instead, they’re dealing with insurance and auto shops.

"We're going to have to find a rental or a loner that can get us by until the vehicle can be repaired, it's going to  take at least two weeks for the repair cause they're having a hard time finding that particular part and of course it's an expense too because of the repair bill is looking about $4,600 plus-tax,” said Boyd.

Thieves sell catalytic converters for their precious metals, it's become a problem in the capital city.

Fredericton Police have had more than 55 calls of stolen converters so far this year.

"Certainly, when it comes to theft of these types of vehicle parts it can be difficult because very often people only find out they've been a victim of such a theft after the fact, so the folks responsible have been long gone by the time they realize,” said Alycia Bartlett Fredericton Police’s Public Information Officer.

The food bank says they're considering upping their security and surveillance of the property to prevent future incidents.

"When anyone hears about it their first reaction is a little bit of shock to think that the food bank could get hit with this, but the second reaction is yeah I've kind of heard that this is a thing that happens,” said Boyd.

An extra expense for an organization that spends their efforts helping those in need.

Fredericton Police says to report catalytic converter thefts to your local police force as soon as you realize the part has been stolen.