A woman who made national headlines as the victim of a vicious assault is now in trouble with the law herself.

Robin Tomah, 45, has been in police custody since early Sunday morning after an incident at a home in Millbrook, Nova Scotia.

Police say someone smashed the windows of two vehicles in the driveway around 4:15 a.m. Sunday, the noise alerting residents.

When they came to investigate, someone with a baseball bat was waiting for them and struck the two men in the head.

One man was homeowner Jason Brooks. The second was Barry Martin whom, sources tell CTV News, is an RCMP officer who was off-duty at the time.

Blood splattered on the garage shows the viciousness of the attack.

"The accused was on the scene upon our arrival of our members and was arrested without incident," confirms Millbrook RCMP Sgt. Don Daigle.

Tomah has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault, two counts of mischief for allegedly damaging the cars and one count of using a bat as a dangerous weapon.

Ten years ago, Tomah was the victim of a notorious crime when two people poured gasoline on her and set her on fire, but today she appeared in a Truro courtroom as the accused.

Jason Brooks remains in hospital with a cracked skull but he told his mother, Connie Brooks, he is feeling better.

This is not the first major blow felt by the Brooks family. Tanya Brooks, daughter to Connie and sister to Jason, was murdered in Halifax in May 2009. Police have never found her killer.

"And then this happened to my baby son, I don't know how much more I can take," Connie Brooks told CTV News on Monday.

"You just don't do that, at quarter-to-four in the morning. You just don't do that."

Tomah's court appearance on Monday afternoon was very brief. She has been remanded to custody until her show cause hearing on Tuesday morning.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Dan MacIntosh