FREDERICTON, N.B. -- A Fredericton man – known to many as the "penny for a poem guy" – went missing over the weekend.

Andrew Spencer, a fixture in Fredericton's downtown, was often seen on street corners trading poems or a kind word for spare change.

He was last seen on Friday around 8:30 p.m. and, according to police, there are still no updates on his whereabouts.

Spencer is described as 5'10", 180 lbs., with short, brown hair, facial hair, and blue eyes.

A search for Spencer took place over the weekend, following reports of a man entering the Saint John River.

Kelly Morton, an employee of Guardian Drugstore on Queen Street, says she had last seen him earlier in the day on Friday.

"He was clean shaven, his hair was cut and it just seems funny for him not to come into the store and buy something because he was a staple at the corner," says Morton.

"You either loved him or he was a pain in the behind, but he was a very smart man."

Austin Daigle works at Gallery on Queen Street. He says Spencer’s presence is missed in the downtown area.

"He was always the type of guy that would want to chat with people, so you'd be walking out and he'd always want to stop and talk to you,” says Daigle.

"He seemed like someone who would always be around and that's a big part of the sadness of it, you just always thought he would be there."

Luke Randall was a friend of Spencer's, and like many of his friends, referred to him by his nickname, Muppett.

"Muppett was a character and had a really warm heart," says Randal, owner of art store Endeavours & Thinkplay. "He was always a very bright and cheery person to see in the mornings when you first started out your day."

Fredericton police say there are no updates on the case at this time and Spencer is still considered a missing person.