FREDERICTON -- Michael Schellenburg has documented his long journey home to Canada after the Fredericton native and his family became stranded with his family in China after the coronavirus outbreak.

"Here we are on the road to Wuhan," Schellenberg says in a video. "It's myself, my father-in-law, the driver, and the handsome man himself, Felix, and my lovely wife, Summer."

The trio landed on Canadian soil Friday and is staying at the Yukon lodge in Trenton Ont.

But it was a long road getting there. From behind his phone, he tells the story of a very "apocalyptic" drive to the Wuhan airport.

"I've taken this road many times, it's normally bustling with traffic, cars, transports, but we've so far just saw one car," Schellenburg says. "It really does feel like a zombie movie."

Schellenburg's recordings describe the quarantined city of Wuhan, which is home to 11-million people where hardly anyone was in sight.

"Whoo! We made it. Took our temperature, some police here walking around and back to lots of empty road," Schellenburg says.

The city is now deserted in efforts to contain the fatal outbreak.

"It is empty, just a few Canadian passengers arriving right now," Schellenburg says.

An airport that normally sees a ton of foot-traffic was at a standstill...

"The entire terminal three and it's … there's nobody but us," Schellenburg says. "We just finished the quarantine."

The coronavirus has now infected more than 31,000 people worldwide and killed 636 people, mostly in China.

A second flight carrying Canadians also landed Friday at Trenton. Another plane is scheduled to evacuate the remaining Canadians from Wuhan in the coming days.