Police are investigating after human remains were discovered in Fredericton’s Odell Park Monday morning.

Investigators say a group of teenagers were walking in a remote area of the park when they made the grim discovery.

“It appears that the body has been there for quite a while,” says Insp. Martin Gaudet.

Gaudet says the remains were found near the bottom of a remote embankment – an area well off the beaten and managed path.

Police say, only those with an intimate knowledge of the park would know how to access the area.

“When we find a victim like that, a sudden death or a body, we always start very high and assume the worst and work our way down,” says Gaudet.

Despite a large-scale police investigation, Odell Park remains open to the public.

Some park users were rattled by news that a body had been found in the area.

“I’m really surprised that they’re just finding it now, I guess, but with all the snow we had this winter, I guess,” says Michelle McPhee. “I’m shocked, actually, it being Fredericton.”

“I usually stay on the trails, but…I certainly would make sure I was not alone walking in the park,” says Janet Higgins.

Police have yet to identify the remains or even determine a gender. They’re also investigating whether foul play is a factor.

Gaudet says he expects officers to remain in the park until Tuesday as they continue their investigation.

He also says there are two open and active missing person cases in the city that have yet to be solved.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Andy Campbell