Since 1914 the Fredericton SPCA has been helping find homes for animals.

The decision to adopt was an easy one for Marianne Limpert.

"There are a lot of great animals,” says Limpert. “Some of them hadn't had a really great start in life but deserve a second chance. So I thought I’d rather adopt then look at some of the other possibilities,"

Limpert and her two rescue dogs were among the hundreds who came out to Odell Park today for the “Bark in the Park” event which is a fundraiser to support the Fredericton SPCA.

Karen McGeean with the SPCA says many people are surprised to find out the organization has been around for 100 years. 

"We have some newspaper articles that talk about the meeting that it was enacted,” says McGeean. “And then we don't have any real history until we get to the 70’s, then we have some photos and some spare paraphernalia around the shelter."

The Fredericton SPCA was established in 1914 by Mayor W.S. Hooper.

"It's hard to believe that 100 years ago people had the same drive and passion that we have today,” says SPCA supporter, Aletha Dobie. “And imagine the struggle they would've went through 100 years ago to start up.”

Since the start up those who work at the shelter say thousands of animals have found homes.

"Since 1982 when we really kept track, it's been between 800-1,200 animals a year,” says McGeean. “So extrapolate that out, it's a quite a few."

Staff says it’s events like Saturday’s, countless volunteers, and donations which allows the shelter to stay open.

With files from CTV’s Ashley Dunbar