A few days of rain and mild temperatures have left the sidewalks treacherously slippery.

Some people are being inconvenienced and some are getting hurt.

Many are not happy with the quality of the work being done to clear sidewalks.

Barbara O'Brien is one of them, but she knows, in fairness, there's been some tough weather in recent weeks.

“They haven't been able to keep with it because of the heavy snow, and then the freezing on top of it and then another heavy snowfall and freezing on top it,” O’Brien said.

Crews have been tackling the job night and day and the challenges have been constant.

“Sidewalks are more challenging than the streets because the water doesn't flow off of them as easily as it does on the streets,” said Halifax Regional Municipality spokeswoman Erin DiCarlo.

Last week, the Nova Scotia Health Authority treated more than 20 people for fractures and broken bones brought on by falls on slippery ice.

If anyone thinks choosing to not walk on  a slippery sidewalk is a good idea -- think again.

“The other day, I was driving and I nearly hit someone because they couldn't walk on the sidewalks,” said Lizzie O’Carroll. “They were on the road.”

O'Carroll has also put outdoor running on hold for obvious reasons.

“I run a lot,” she said. “I feel like I have to move inside to run because I'd be too nervous to run the sidewalks.”

There's one truth that most people seem to agree with.

“We've had a very strange winter,” O’Brien said.

It's almost over and there are mild temperatures in the forecast in the coming days, but hose mild temperatures are causing continued problems.

As it gets warmer, the snow melts in the daytime and then freezes at night.

That makes for slippery, hazardous conditions in the morning.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Paul Hollingsworth.