HALIFAX -- The low number of COVID-19 cases in Nova Scotia led to a rollback of month-long restrictions put in place for several counties including Halifax just last week.

While the reversal is frustrating for some, others see the pivot as just part of the pain of this pandemic.

Navigating COVID-19 restrictions has required a lot of stopping and starting.

Neptune Theatre got the green light to put on a show and on Feb. 26, they learned they would have to postpone that series of concerts and play readings.

Less than a week later, the province lifted restrictions they imposed a week before.

"Fortunately, or unfortunately, our team is now quite proficient at shutting things down and re-opening," said Neptune Theatre general manager Lisa Bugden.

Things are much the same for the operators of Ski Wentworth.

"I think for everyone this past year it's been about pivoting and shifting," said Leslie Wilson.

Those are useful skills on a ski hill that’s allowed to once again welcome skiers from Halifax.

"Right now, people are rebooking March Break camps," Wilson said. "Now, whether everyone rebooks I’m not sure. People may have made other plans in the meantime, but folks are starting to book lift tickets again."

Last week’s announcement to re-instate restrictions hurt some families, like those already coping with the loss of a loved one and had a funeral scheduled for Saturday.

"It led to a lot of very difficult conversations with families because they had to essentially cancel funeral plans that were in place, come up with new plans and then re-organize for those new plans," said Patrick Curry, acting president of the Funeral Service Association of Nova Scotia.

Curry would prefer to see funeral homes given more time to react.

"This is a very fluid situation this pandemic and cases can crop up rapidly," Curry said.

It's a fact Volleyball Nova Scotia understands as it prepares to restart its season again.

"We’re not going to think too much about the stopping and starting," said Jason Trepanier of Volleyball Nova Scotia. "We’ll just focus on what we can do and do as much as that as we can do safely."

In the meantime, they’ll wait for the green light to learn when they can do more.