The friends and family of a Glace Bay man who was stabbed to death in Alberta five years say they remain angry and upset with the lack of justice he’s received.

Craig Kelloway died in May 2013 after Nicolas Rasberry stabbed him 37 times during a barbecue in Calgary.

Rasberry was convicted of manslaughter in 2015, with his lawyers appealing and arguing for an acquittal. The prosecution is also appealing.

Kelloway's family wants a murder conviction.

“My son was butchered,” said Craig Kelloway’s mother, Monica. “Three knives, two broken off, one like a banana. His bowel hanging out. Blood everywhere in that house, and that wasn't intent to murder? What is?”

“I want answers.”

Rasberry has been released twice on bail while he appeals his conviction. He was arrested this week and appeared in court on three counts of breaching bail conditions -- including that he not drink -- and one count of obstruction.

“Truthfully, it didn't surprise me,” said Monica Kelloway. “We knew he was going to get caught again. It's in him.”

But it's not the first time this has happened. In December 2015, one day before he was sentenced for manslaughter, police arrested him during a traffic stop for drinking.

“I'm really sad that Harvey (Kelloway) and Monica have to see the killer of their son get away with yet another breach of conditions, and be able to walk around as free as a bird. It's destroying them,” said family friend Keith MacIntyre.

Rasberry, who never denied killing Kelloway, claimed Craig tried to sexually assault him and that the stabbing was a case of self-defense.

The Kelloway's say the justice system is letting them down.

“My son is dead. He has a four-year-old son he can't even take to the hockey rink to learn him how to play hockey, skate. He took this from us,” Monica Kelloway said.

“It's an awful pain. It's nearly four years and I miss him.”

The Kelloways say they will continue to seek justice for their son.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore.