Funeral arrangements have now been finalized and friends are planning a day of celebration in honour of a man murdered in Halifax last Friday.

Trayvone Clayton remains lost-in-thought – and grieving. Later this week, he'll bury his cousin following a senseless act of violence.

But, at the moment, he clings to the good memories.

"He'd make jokes and make sure that people are just smiling," Clayton said. "If me and the boys are just sitting in the house and he walked in, and we're all laying down, he'd be like, 'What are you guys doing? Get up!  Let's go do something.' He just always wanted to do something, and that's just how it is."

Reece died in hospital just after midnight Saturday morning following a late afternoon shooting incident on Scot Street.

Friends and family have made the sad pilgrimage to the neighbourhood as police continue to investigate.

Neighbour Maurice Perry happened upon the scene while out for a stroll on Friday.

Violence like this is highly unusual, he says.

"This area is really quiet, really," Perry says of the west-end neighbourhood.

There was a tribute, too, in Tuesday's Chronicle Herald.

Cartoonist Michael de Adder lives in the area, and his daughter attended school with Reece.

"He's a 19-year-old kid," de Adder said. "Anything could have happened, you know? Could be anything from being completely benign to something -- but he's still a 19-year-old kid."

Clayton is planning his own celebration of life for his cousin on Saturday at the George Dixon Centre – one week to the day after he died in hospital from his injuries.

It will be a happy event, and a fundraiser for the family -- exactly what Reece would have wanted, he says.

"Whatever he was into, he took it serious," Clayton said. "So he wanted to provide for his mother, his brothers, his family - the community."

Halifax Regional Police say the file remains wide open, and they're continuing to ask anyone with information to share it.

At the same time, the force says it's not doing further interviews with media about the case for the time being.

Friends and family will gather at Saint Patrick's Church on Friday for a final farewell.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Bruce Frisko.