SALISBURY, N.B. -- A couple in New Brunswick is sharing their passion for art projects with children through a week-long summer camp.

The Art Camp by Arrow Amor's main focus is on the beauty of everyday life – and turning trash into treasure.

"We give them the basic information and they run with it and it's amazing to see what they can make," said Sarah Irving, an artist and teacher at the summer camp.

Irving and her husband began offering the week-long camp, sharing their techniques and skills.

"But it's really not just the skills. It's about the opening of the minds and the opening of their eyes to what is in the world around you," said Irving.

In order to complete their crafty creations, children attending the camp have been gathering natural material found outside, as well as items they've dug out of their recycling bins.

"I'm making a butterfly sculpture," said Covin Douglas who is attending the art camp. "I have can wings and a bottle for the eyes."

"A lot of these cool things that we can use to make cool art projects are being tossed in the garbage and I've been hearing that there's piles of junk floating in the ocean which can be bad for turtles, for fish, for a bunch of stuff," said Jonathan LePaige, a camper at the week-long program.

Irving says the campers seem to really enjoy exploring their creativity.

"That's the rewarding piece of it," said Irving. "Is seeing a child light up and see something for the first time as interesting or different or new and using that to create."

The camp runs Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 2 p.m., and spaces are limited for registration.

Art Camp by Arrow Amor

Photo courtesy: Facebook/ Arrow Amor