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Frost advisory issued for northern New Brunswick

Potential 'Tropical Cyclone Sixteen' as it develops east of Florida on NASA satellite imagery.
Potential 'Tropical Cyclone Sixteen' as it develops east of Florida on NASA satellite imagery.

Clear sky, light wind, and temperatures approaching zero is a recipe for frost — which is what’s forecast for parts of New Brunswick Thursday night.

Environment Canada has issued frost advisories for the northern half of the province, with low temperatures falling into a range of 0 to +3, particularly in low lying areas and valleys.

The weather agency advises to “take preventative measures to protect frost-sensitive plants and trees.”

There is a lower risk of patchy frost for southern areas of the province where low temperatures Thursday night will fall into a range of +4 to +6. There’s a further risk of frost for northern areas of New Brunswick Friday night into Saturday morning. Temperatures look like they could fall into the low-to-mid single digits.

Frost advisories in effect for New Brunswick Thursday night into Friday morning.


The National Hurricane Center issued an advisory Thursday on the potential “Tropical Cyclone Sixteen.” There is a developing low pressure system off the Atlantic coastline of Florida that may develop some tropical characteristics, possibly drawing energy from warm ocean waters.

The centre forecasts maximum winds around the core to get up to 85 km/h by Friday morning, which is tropical storm strength. The system forecast is predicted to run up coastal North Carolina to Delaware before the remnants emerge back over the Atlantic near New York on Monday.

Sixteen is forecast to gain tropical storm strength winds and impact areas of the US eastern seaboard this weekend.Tropical storm warnings have been issued from Cape Fear, N.C. to Fenwick Island, D.E.

Storm surge warnings have also been issued for parts of the coastline of North Carolina, Virginia, and Maryland. If named, the storm would be called Ophelia.

No impactful weather from the system is expected in the Maritimes at this time. The remnants may contribute to rain in southwestern New Brunswick and western Nova Scotia Tuesday and Wednesday of next week.

Hurricane Nigel remains east of Atlantic Canada and is forecast to continue into the North Atlantic with no impact.

Thunderstorms off the west coast of Africa are being given a 70 per cent chance of developing into a tropical system over the next seven days. Top Stories

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