GAGETOWN, N.B. -- Residents are keeping a close and cautious watch on water levels in the community of Gagetown this week, watching and waiting to see exactly what this year's spring freshet will bring.

"The law where what comes up must come down doesn't apply here," said Gagetown deputy mayor

Derek Pleadwell. "It's what comes down, flows down here, so we have to watch out for the weather up north, Quebec, flowing down the St. John River."

With mild weather and heavy rain in the forecast for the region, New Brunswick's River Watch modelling shows the river will continue to rise in the coming days.

In Gagetown, flood level is four metres, but water levels are predicted to surpass that this weekend with the river predicted to rise to 4.3 metres on Saturday.

"When we get to flood stage, then we're paying a lot of attention to how things are changing so that we can stay ahead of it, and those entail just daily drive-throughs," said Gagetown fire chief John Thomas.

Gagetown has, unfortunately, had plenty of practice when it comes to flooding. Three years ago, the village was hit with a historic flood when waters hit a record level of 6.7 metres.

"This is not our first rodeo," Pleadwellsaid. "We have gone through flooding before. This year is looking good, but it can change on a dime."

Said Thomas:"The river will do what it wants to do --- and we just need to be sure that we're prepared to get out of its way and also be able to maintain services that we're here to provide."

Ready -- and waiting -- for whatever the St. John River brings their way.