FREDERICTON -- A late spring heatwave in the New Brunswick is stressing out newly planted trees in the capital.

Trees Matter Fredericton, a non profit organization, is asking people to haul out their hoses.

"We heard there was some new planting along here and we came along and all the water bags were empty and the trees were obviously in distress the leaves were wilting," said Kathryn Downton,  an organizer with Trees Matter Fredericton.

The city planted 500 trees this spring, but with weather feeling like temperatures in the 40s the last few days, it’s hard to keep the waterbags placed around the trees full.

"The heat is treating us all not very well, but in the last few years, in 2016 we started using waterbags so we do have two full time staff in water trucks," said Keanen Jewett, the horticulture foreman for parks and trees with the City of Fredericton.

The city's budget for planting was $100,000 this year.

"We realize how important trees are to the residents to the environment and so we continue to do it year after year," Jewett said.  

For a city once referred to as the ‘City of Stately Elms,’ trees have a lot of to offer the city.

"We do have these beautiful trees all over our city but in particular over the downtown, people have been complaining to us about the gaps so for when a mature tree comes down for a house like this or across the street they lose the shade," Downton said.

Trees Matter Fredericton wants the newly planted trees to thrive.

"This is great this is something we can do to love up a tree this tree here probably has a lifespan of 40 or 50 years," she said.

The city has only lost about 4 per cent of it annual plantings and they're hoping with a little help that trend continues.