The mother of a Glace Bay, N.S., man who was murdered in Calgary three years ago says the justice system has failed her family again.

Her son's killer has been granted bail as he appeals his manslaughter conviction.

“I'm sorry, anybody who takes a person's life should not be walking the streets,” said Monica Kelloway.

Her son Craig was stabbed 37 times in a drunken dispute gone wrong on May 4, 2013.

Nicolas Rasberry was convicted of manslaughter, but is currently appealing that decision.  While he waits, he's a free man.

“They can't say, ‘Oh, he won't do it again.’ They don't know the man. But after brutally taking my son's life as bad as that, he will do it again. He's very dangerous,” Kelloway said.

During the trial Rasberry argued the attack was in self-defence. He said Craig Kelloway tried to sexually assault him, and said Rasberry's wife would be next, but Kelloway's family says that’s untrue.

“I would forgive people for what they did. I can't forgive him. He took my life,” said Monica Kelloway.

Kelloway says her family plans to send a letter to the justice ministers of Alberta and Canada, outlining that they think the Crown's case was flawed. Kelloway says her son was misrepresented.

“They never had one character witness on for Craig,” she said. “The lead investigator who was at the hearing to see if there was enough evidence to go to trial, they didn't even put him on the stand. How can you go to trial and not have your paperwork done?”

Kelloway says she will continue to fight for justice for her son.

The Crown is also appealing Rasberry’s sentence in hopes of getting a conviction of second-degree murder.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore