A Glace Bay woman says the future of her home seemed uncertain until her community responded with an overwhelming amount of support.

“Stay strong girl, so sorry to hear about your troubles and we hope this can help,” says Kim Losier as she reads kind messages from strangers.

Losier says messages like these have given her renewed hope after what she describes as a month of misery.

“If it wasn't for the support, my son and I wouldn't be living here anymore,” Losier says. “If it wasn't for my friends pitching in and doing what they could to allow us to stay in our home, my son and I would’ve had to leave and financially I don't know how we would have done that.”

She says it all started when her neighbours abandoned one side of the duplex she lives in. She says the neighbours sold the oil tank and left the water running which caused the pipes to burst.

The home is now left without a wall in the bathroom and Losier’s son’s room continues to sustain water damage from a hole in the roof. She says repairs will costs thousands of dollars.

She is only responsible for one side of the house, but says the other half remains vacant and is falling apart. According to the Cape Breton Regional Municipality, three brothers own one side of the duplex. But they've all passed away.

Losier says she doesn't have insurance because the only type available was to cover fire damage, and it is more than she can afford.

The CBRM says in order for them to be able to demolish that side of the unit, the interior wall needs to be upgraded at a cost of $30,000.

Friends, neighbours and even strangers have responded to her call for help by setting up a Go-Fund-Me page. Over $5,000 has been raised and the numbers continue to climb.

“The salvation army is going to help me out with financial aid,” she says. “There's a cheque ready for me… based on George Muise it should be around $6,000, so that should put me at $11,000. I still have about $20,000 more to go.”

“My Facebook has been exploding with strangers sending me messages on Facebook saying I heard your story and I wish I could help you more. They’re sending me their good thoughts and warm wishes, hoping everything will turn out O.K. for me.”

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Kyle Moore.