BRIDGEWATER, N.S. -- A slew of gravesite ornaments have gone missing or been damaged over the last month at Bridgewater's Brookside Cemetery.

"I can't believe we're having this again," said Bridgewater Mayor David Mitchell. "I don't know why it continues to happen. A cemetery is a place where people's loved ones are laid to rest. It's a place of peace for the family."

Last fall, thieves struck the Bridgewater cemetery, removing nearly 100 firefighter memorials.

No arrests have been made in that case and, this time around, a number of personal items, including ceramics, a special hockey puck, a hummingbird lantern and solar lights, were taken or broken from graves in the cemetery's northwest corner.

"(There were) Halloween decorations and a shepherd's hook that's been there for 10 years, so that's disheartening," said Sgt. Dave Ramey of the Bridgewater Police Service.

Police are asking anyone in the area to check their loved one's gravestone. They are asking anyone who sees that something has been stolen or damaged to contact police.

"It's kind of like a wave, it comes in, it goes out," Ramey said. "We hope the wave stops, because it's disappointing. People's loved ones are here and they place stuff on the graves for the simple fact, they want to say we're still here with you, we love you."

Right now there are surveillance cameras at the entrance to the cemetery.

Recently, Mitchell says there hasn't been much talk on adding additional cameras.

"I can't believe we're having to have that discussion," Ramey said. "We shouldn't have to have cameras in a cemetery to deal with vandalism, but maybe it's time to have that discussion."

Police want to talk to anyone who may have information about the vandalism.