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Halifax-area evacuation order rescinded for most residents

The majority of Halifax-area residents evacuated due to wildfires are now permitted to return home.

An emergency alert sent out Friday afternoon says that remaining evacuation orders in Tantallon have been rescinded, except for those living in the areas of significant impact.

An emergency alert sent on June 9, 2023, says remaining evacuation orders in Tantallon have been rescinded, except for those living in the areas of significant impact.

“It was the first time I actually got emotional, was driving up the street. Since this happen I said I don’t know when it’s going to hit me but it hit me when I drove up the street and I could, I was going home again,” said resident Marianne Stanford.

With 151 homes destroyed in the fire, most residents know someone who’s facing an enormous loss, they believe the next step is helping their neighbours who can’t return home.

“It’s not lost on anybody’s mind that we’re not all here and until we’re all together I think there will be a piece missing, said Stanford.

Those living in areas most severely impacted by wildfires will have to wait a bit longer before they can return while safety inspections continue and fencing is installed around destroyed homes.

Three locations in the "dark orange zone" on municipal mapping are where the bulk of the burned down structures, fuel spills and impassable roads are located.

“There’s a significant list of items that are still big safety risks in those areas,” emergency management director Erica Fleck said Thursday.

“As we get down to the nitty gritty, we have to take it street by street, and house by house to make sure we’re not sending people to an unsafe environment.”

As of Thursday about 4,100 residents were still evacuated, and Mayor Mike Savage said the majority of those people would be able to return to their homes Friday.

The Tantallon fire evacuation map as of 11 a.m. June 9, 2023. (Halifax Regional Municipality)

It is expected that Nova Scotia Power will reconnect electricity in these communities later today, the Halifax Regional Municipality said in a statement.

Water stations are available with free drinking water at Micmac Drive Park, Madeline Symonds Middle School and Upper Hammonds Plains Community Centre. 

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