A Halifax bus driver is being praised for going out of his way to help a passenger in need.

David Frawley has a tight schedule on the #10 and does his best to stick to it, but this week he learned some things are worth stopping for.

Earlier this week, Frawley was on his regular run when he picked up an elderly woman.

“She seemed just a little bit confused. Her eyesight wasn’t all that great. She wasn’t quite sure where she was,” says the Metro Transit bus driver.

Debbie Chiasson takes the same bus every day on her way home from work. She witnessed the elderly woman board Frawley’s bus.

“He asks her where she’s going. She wants to go home. Where’s home? And she tells him Gottingen Street,” says Chiasson of the encounter.

It was during the evening rush hour. Traffic was heavy and it was dark out.

“There’s no crosswalk there. I really didn’t want her crossing the street by herself,” says Frawley.

“So I just parked the bus, guided her by the arm, took her across the street, and took her to Sunrise Manor. That’s all there is to it.”

“I was so impressed that he got out of his seat, came to her, and said ‘Please take my arm, I’m going to see you across the street,’” says Chiasson. “And with that, he did.”

Chiasson was so touched by Frawley’s actions she wrote a letter to Metro Transit.

As a result, Frawley will be rewarded with an extra hour of pay and his actions will be personally acknowledged by the director of Metro Transit.

“It was just the right thing to do. That’s all it was, no big deal,” says a modest Frawley. “Every driver in the system would have done the same thing.”

But it was a big deal to those who witnessed it, and dozens of comments poured in on social media sites, praising the driver.

While he insists it was no big deal, Frawley admits the gratitude makes his job that much easier.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Kayla Hounsell