HALIFAX -- Dining room tables and chairs have been blocked off across Nova Scotia amid COVID-19 concerns.

Everything from sporting events to bingo games have been impacted

On Monday, a line of people formed outside Halifax coffee shop, Java Blend, which is limiting the number of people who can be inside at one time.

However, restaurant owners in Halifax like Kourosh Rad are keeping their restaurants open. He's encouraging takeout and delivery but is placing distance between anyone looking to dine in.

"Everyone has to sit at least 2 metres away," says Rad. "If two parties come in at the same time, they have to be at least 2 metres away from each other."

In addition, all public libraries in Halifax will be closed for a three-week-period, while staff try and create opportunities for social activity without physical contact.

"We have e-book collections and other electronic opportunities that we may be able to use," says Halifax Public Libraries assistant manager, Karen Dahl. "And we're doing things like extending loans on people's books and forgiving fines."

Feed Nova Scotia is taking its direction from Public Health and planning for many different scenarios.

"We may less staff and less volunteers, which means we won't be able to handle the food that goes out the door," says Feed Nova Scotia executive director, Nick Jennery, whose organization has been working to putting physical space between volunteers and staff.

Meanwhile, in addition to the many precautions being taken throughout the HRM. Halifax Transit is allowing no more than 150 people per ferry trip on its harbour ferries. Halifax Transit is also trying to put a buffer between operators and passengers by preventing riders from taking a seat near the driver.