Halifax cab driver Wayne Farnell says he hasn't been able to work, sleep, or even join his friends for a game of golf since he was in a fatal car crash last month.

Farnell says he picked up a passenger - 67-year-old Ward Robinson - in downtown Halifax around 9 p.m. on September 30. They were driving north under the MacKay Bridge on Barrington Street when a southbound vehicle crossed the centre line and hit Farnell's taxi head on.

"That sound, and just that…thud," he describes. "Nobody should ever feel that or hear it, it's unbelievable."

"I still have upper chest injuries and shortness of breath."

Farnell made it out with minor injuries, but Robinson died in his arms. Farnell says he seemed like a nice person and was easy to talk to.

"He had beaten cancer and I guess even some kind of heart disease," says the cab driver. "He beats that and then, you know (snaps fingers), like that."

Police say Farnell was struck by 34-year-old Drew MacPherson, who now faces 19 charges including criminal negligence causing death, impaired operation of a motor vehicle causing death and breach of probation.

"You have to remember that there were two people in the taxi that was struck, so you have some charges in reference to the fatality, and others in reference to the injuries that the driver of the taxi sustained," says Const. Brian Palmeter, a spokesman for Halifax Regional Police.

Fortunately, Farnell says he will be fine, but he's confused about the outcome of the crash.

"I just don't understand…why am I here? What guardian angel, if there are angels, why was I saved?"

Farnell says he will be following the court case closely, now that charges have been laid against MacPherson.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Kayla Hounsell