HALIFAX -- A Halifax company is using cutting-edge 3D scanning technology to create virtual tours of notable Nova Scotia locations.

Colin Gillis is a co-owner of Smarter Spaces. The company offers an all-in-one reality capture system that creates an interactive 3D virtual tour and VR experiences.

“Our services might have been more focused on construction and renovation projects. Recently we did a render of a building that is not even built yet. So we’re actually able to do 3D virtual tours of buildings that don’t exist,” says Gillis.

When the COVID-19 pandemic altered people’s ability to visit public spaces like museums and schools, Gillis and his team switched their focus to cultural and tourism icons.

Smarter Spaces recently partnered with Sacred Heart School of Halifax to create a virtual tour of its space.

“It allows local families and international families, who are looking at Sacred Heart as an option for an independent school, an opportunity to see what our learning spaces look like, and our historic buildings and spaces look like. So that’s really important for us during this time,” says Renée Fournier, the marketing and communications director for Sacred Heart School of Halifax.

Gillis says The Art Gallery of Nova Scotia was one of the first organizations to jump on board with their new project.

“There is a very cool 3D virtual tour of the Maud Lewis exhibit,” says Gillis

The gallery’s virtual tour allows viewers full access to the Maud Lewis Gallery and the Maud Lewis Painted House.

Viewers are able to navigate the gallery at their own pace by clicking the circles on the floor to move throughout the room. They can also zoom in on artwork and interact with the coloured dots for information on individual pieces.

Gillis says he is excited to bring Nova Scotia to the world.

“I think our future looks great, the industry was expanding already, but I think it’s really just sped up the curve.”