HALIFAX -- A Halifax couple is speaking out about what they say is a clear case of racial profiling at a local Walmart store last week.

The man, who is Black, says he faced all kinds of hassle getting a big screen TV to his car.

The company says it's investigating, but the couple and others say an apology probably won't be enough.

The new big-screen TV may have been on sale, but Cadney Flint says he paid dearly for it.          

"I'm mad," Flint said. "I'm as mad as it gets."

During a family shopping trip to the Walmart on Mumford Road a week ago Wednesday, Flint, his wife April and their twin eight-year-old daughters had split up. When he spotted the deal, he made a snap decision to buy.

"And then, buddy pops up over my shoulder (and) asked me if I purchased the TV," Flint said.

After getting a dolly, he says the employee tried to escort him to the checkout.

Then, Flint says they were detained at the door by another worker who wasn't satisfied he'd bought the TV - even after he showed the receipt.

"They saw me go in," Flint said. "They assumed I was there to steal something. They followed me through the store.  They gave me grief at the front door with it."

His wife, April said it was so unnecessary.

"We showed the receipt," she said.

For its part, the company says it's still looking into the incident and the store manager has reached out.

"Walmart is committed to providing a safe and inclusive environment for associates and customers," a spokesperson told CTV News.

Now advocating for the couple, activist Quentrel Provo says he'll write Walmart head office and try to arrange a meeting with manager.

"When they said, it was Walmart at Mumford, I said, 'again?'" Provo said.

He's seeking more than an apology.

"We have to seek action," Provo said.

Still frustrated and angry, the couple say they're considering their options, including possibly speaking to a lawyer.

In the meantime, they have decided one thing.

"I know, as a customer, I'll never spend another dollar in that store," Flint said.