An online organization dedicated to exposing and publicly shaming men who try to exploit underage girls has expanded to the east coast.        

The Halifax chapter of Creep Catchers has been in operation for only a week and a half, but has already posted half a dozen videos, generating tens of thousands of views.

Using dating and chat websites, the men thought they had arranged meetings with girls as young as 13. Instead, they found confrontation and cameras, with the end result posted uncensored online.

Bruce Majcan of Creep Catchers says he has no particular fear in confronting anyone who might try to exploit children.       

“We all want the same thing. We want this to stop. There's just no need for it," said Majcan

Given the confrontational nature of the work, other members prefer to remain anonymous for their own safety.

The local vice-president insists the system is not entrapment.

"We have certain rules we have to follow when it comes to that. We're not allowed to agree to anything. We're not allowed to ask them for anything sexual,” said the vice-president.

Creep Catchers has been around since last year. Founded in Alberta, there are now chapters in other centres, including Toronto, Vancouver, and Saint John.

But as noble as the group's intentions are, not everyone's on board.

"The public shaming, as I would refer to it, doesn't really solve anything," said Cpl. Carol McIsaac of Halifax Regional Police.

Police say useful evidence has to be gathered properly, and members are leaving themselves open to possible violence or lawsuits.       

"If they gather any type of information they think could be relevant to criminal activity, they should pass that along to police as soon as possible so we can do a criminal investigation into it," said McIsaac.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Bruce Frisko.