A Halifax doctor has agreed to a six-month suspension after admitting to professional misconduct while examining a long-term patient.

Dr. Robert Wadden, who practices family medicine at a clinic in Halifax, was accused of speaking and behaving inappropriately to a woman during a pap-exam.

The Nova Scotia College of Physicians and Surgeons says it received the complaint from the woman in her late 20s last year.

The College says the woman returned to Wadden a month later to confront him on the matter while secretly recording the conversation.

According to the College, Wadden made a number of apologetic comments during the conversation, and later admitted he violated the personal and professional boundary between him and the patient.

Wadden has agreed to a six-month license suspension to be served in three-month intervals before the end of May.

He has also agreed to have an attendant present when seeing any female patients.

The College says Dr. Wadden was the physician for the woman’s family for more than 15 years before the incident.