Halifax Explosion – Part of 100 years, 100 stories

Dec. 6, 1917 - one of Halifax’s darkest days.

On that Thursday, the Norwegian vessel SS Imo collided with the French cargo ship SS Mont-Blanc in the Halifax Harbour. The SS Mont-Blanc was loaded with explosives and the collision trigged an explosion that destroyed the city’s north end, claiming more than 1,900 lives and injuring more than 9,000 others. At the time, it was the biggest man-made explosion the world had ever seen.

Over the course of 2017, CTV News at Five, in partnership with the Government of Nova Scotia, will highlight the history of the Halifax Explosion with monthly segments in honour of its 100th anniversary.

We’ll explore Halifax’s connection with the City of Boston, highlight the story of Vincent Coleman (the train dispatcher who risked his life to save others), and examine personal effects of those who perished and survived the explosion.

A city destroyed, a city rebuilt on CTV News at Five.