HALIFAX -- A Halifax Islamic centre says it's had enough of the noise coming from the bar and brewery next door, and wants an end to the urination, vomiting and cigarette butts from bar patrons.

The Centre for Islamic Development said Monday that is has filed a noise and litter complaint with the city against the Good Robot Brewing Company and also wants the province to revoke its liquor licence.

Juan Carlos Canales-Leyton, a centre member who wrote the formal complaint, said the brewery assured centre representatives that something would be done, but he said the noise in particular hasn't subsided.

"About a year or so ago they started to have parties and we started to see garbage, human fluids left on our step and noise levels," said Canales-Leyton. "We have a religious centre which is also a school, but it doesn't matter what it is because if it was your house you would have the same issue."

Canales-Leyton said the issue is whether the centre can conduct its affairs without being affected by its neighbour or the people who are attracted to its premises.

"If it was your office that was next to them you would probably be knocking at their door saying, 'Look I can't stand the cigarette butts anymore or the smell of marijuana,"' he said.

Canales-Leyton said the centre has been in the Robie Street neighbourhood for about 20 years and purchased its current location in 2001. The brewery moved next door in May 2015 and opened a beer garden in May of this year.

Brendan Elliott, a spokesman with Halifax Regional Municipality, said the municipality has opened an investigation into a noise and litter complaint against Good Robot, but he wouldn't say who lodged it, citing privacy.

"The bylaw is pretty specific about examples of what is and is not allowed when it comes to noise," said Elliott. "We want to determine whether or not it unreasonably disturbs the neighbourhood."

Elliott said a compliance officer assigned to the case would meet with the business and the complainant to try to find a solution that is satisfactory to both parties.

"We have to keep in mind that it is a legal business, it is allowed to do the business that it is doing in that neighbourhood. There's nothing wrong with the bylaw in relation to zoning."

Good Robot Brewing Company did not return a call seeking comment.