The arrests of three members of the Halifax Regional Police force has many people asking questions -- including some at City Hall.

"When the people who are in charge of maintaining the law are accused of breaking it, that's an issue," said Halifax Mayor Mike Savage.

Deputy Mayor and Halifax Regional Coun. Tony Mancini sits on the board of police commissioners.

"The flag has gone up right?" Mancini said. "Three officers, one month? Hmm, let's check it out, let's have a conversation."

Mancini asked the board and the police to have a briefing at their next meeting.

"They've agreed," Mancini said. "I made that request last night and the chief emailed me this morning and said, 'yep, we'll definitely, at the next meeting, have a briefing about what's going on.'"

All three incidents have happened within a month.

In the first, a police officer was arrested for theft after they allegedly stole something from a business.

Just five days later, a member of the force was charged after he allegedly broke into a home and sexually assaulted the homeowner.

The latest happened Monday, when it's alleged an off-duty police officer uttered threats against a woman in Eastern Passage.

In that case, the Nova Scotia Serious Incident Response Team (SIRT) says the officer was released without charges, but that their investigation is ongoing.

Mancini says the board will also examine the number of officers that were arrested in the last five years.

"I think people do forget, when you look at someone who's wearing the uniform, we do put them at a higher standard than everybody else, but they are humans too, right," Mancini said.

Savage says three incidents in a month is too many, but that he has a lot of faith in the police chief.

"I wouldn't say it's alarming, but it is concerning, and can't go unnoticed by leadership," Savage said. "We do have, as I said, a very good police commission who take these matters seriously and I know the chief does."

Halifax Regional Police Chief Dan Kinsella wasn't available for an interview Wednesday, although he has scheduled a media availability for Thursday morning, where he will take questions from reporters about the recent arrests of Halifax Regional Police officers.