HALIFAX -- Three months after her son was killed in a shooting, a Halifax mother is speaking out in the hopes that someone will come forward with information about his death.

Triston Reece’s homicide was just added to Nova Scotia’s Rewards for Major Unsolved Crimes Program, which offers up to $150,000 for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in certain cases.

Reece’s mother and investigators hope the cash reward will finally entice someone to say something.

“Whoever did this to Triston, if you could have the nerve to do that to him, and the way that you did it, be a man or a woman and turn yourself in,” says Dale Russell.

“Come and see me. I would love to know why you felt you had a right to end a 19-year-old’s life and take my only child from me.”

Reece was found suffering from life-threatening gunshot wounds in the 7100 block of Scot Street in Halifax on July 26.

He was rushed to hospital, where he died from his injuries a few hours later.

No arrests have been made, but investigators believe there are people with information about the homicide who haven’t spoken to police. 

“We’re hoping that they will come forward and do the right thing for him and his family so that we can bring these people to justice,” says Halifax Regional Police spokesman Const. John MacLeod.

“I know that there are people out there that know what happened to Triston, and if they could take advantage of this opportunity because it is a gift -- if you look at it that way -- if you know information that could lead to an arrest in Triston’s case, then $150,000 could give you a whole new life,” says Russell.

Trayvone Clayton says the past three months have been extremely difficult, and he feels lost without his cousin, who was more like a brother.

“The first thing on my mind, every day, every night, is why? Why Triston? Who did it? And what’s going on?” says Clayton.

Russell says she is working hard to ensure all youth grieving the loss of her son have access to counselling.

As for her own grief, she says her faith, and her son’s faith, are keeping her strong during this difficult time.

“Nine months prior to his death he started listening to sermons and he told me, he said, ‘Mom, I’m saved, if you ever wonder.’ So I think that, and my faith, is what allows me to go on,” she says.

“I ask God every day, and I pray for justice, because I think that will give me the ability to move forward. I’m not back to work yet because after the funeral, every day is the same. I’m just waiting for that call from cops to say, ‘Dale, we got the person.’”

Anyone with information about the death of Triston Reece is asked to contact Halifax Regional Police or the Rewards for Major Unsolved Crimes Program.