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Halifax musical duo to release new single, fall album


A Halifax musical duo, brought together during the pandemic, will release a new single for fans to enjoy later this week.

“Called Alma. And it was named after a place in Fairview that I lived during the pandemic,” explains Pillow Fite band member Art Ross. “The song is pretty much about being in quarantine with a person and seeing their really annoying parts because you obviously are with them all the time.”

Following the release of their new single, the duo plans to release their first full album in the fall.

“I would say that we’re like alternative pop with a little bit of folk,” explains Ross. “We still have like an acoustic guitar. It’s still pretty like, I would say, like a kind of natural sound. However, in our record, we use more synth and we like to have more of a poppiness to it.”

“We just kind of like to perform for the space that we’re in,” adds band member Aaron Green. “I guess, maybe is the way.”

Ross says they came up with the band’s name after participating in roller derby.

“I wanted a name that was like kind of soft and sweet, but also aggressive,” they add.

Pillow Fite say they’re proud members of the LGBTQ2+ community and use their musical platform to represent it.

“It’s like really, especially if you’re like queer and trans kids, like they need to see themselves up on stage,” says Green.

“I think it’s really important to show people that, you know, we are queer, but we also do things well,” adds Ross. “And it’s for everybody.”

Fans can catch Pillow Fite live in Halifax Friday night at the Seahorse Tavern.

“Our full band, we’re trying out some kind of new musicians, which I think will be really nice,” says Ross.

“We’re playing new songs that are sitting on a hard drive and only the people in my close proximity have heard them so far,” explains Green. “So it’s nice to like get out and get the new material in front of people.”

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