HALIFAX -- A Halifax photographer is giving families a reason to smile while self-isolating, all in support of the Canadian Mental Health Association.

Photographer Jill Edwards is capturing a moment in time for Halifax-area families. She says the photos aren’t your typical portraits, but these are not typical times.

“To be honest, it hasn’t been as challenging as I first expected. People are really respectful of the social-distancing rules and regulations,” says Edwards.

Edwards was inspired by a campaign happening around North America called the Front Steps Project, where a photographer snaps photos of families in front of their homes.

Edwards has given it a local spin, calling it the Hali-Smiles Project.

“Just to kind of boost morale and build a sense of community during a difficult time,” she says.

The porch portrait is taken in under a minute. A simple introduction, a flash of the camera, and then it's over. Families who are taking part say it is a moment worth capturing in a difficult time.

“We want to remember it because we're trying to see the positive,” says Leah Rimmer, who was photographed by Edwards.

“I think it's a good memory of the time and it's going to be a significant time in our lives. It's a huge transition with four little kids, two working parents, a puppy.”

Edwards says, at a time when people are stuck at home, it gives them something fun to do.

“Waking up early, doing their hair and makeup and kind of getting them moving in these hard times, it’s not so easy to do that on a busy day, so people have been really thankful and appreciative this project has been taking place,” says Edwards.

Funds raised through the project will go towards the Canadian Mental Health Association.