The brother of a man who was shot to death in Halifax last year insists he might have survived the gunfire, but paramedics were held back by police officers who wanted to protect the crime scene.

Fifty-eight-year-old Terry Izzard died Nov. 14, 2016 after answering a knock at his door on Cragg Avenue in Uniacke Square. The case remains unsolved. His brother, Phillip, was among a group of people who left Terry’s home just a few minutes earlier after gathering to watch football.

Phillip says when he tried to see his brother again, he was held back by police.

"(Terry) was reaching to the cops. They were standing there conversating instead of helping my brother," says Phillip. 

A video has surfaced showing police officers arguing with nearby residents shortly after the shooting. Witnesses are seen yelling at officers who are trying to secure the scene.

“There was a delay because it’s an active crime scene. There’s shots fired, Miss,” the officer tells the woman.

"Your job is to protect and serve. What are you doing right now? All you're doing is serving paperwork," the woman is heard shouting back at the officer. 

Phillip believes, if the ambulance wasn’t blocked off, Terry might still be alive.

"(Officers) were negligent that night. All they were worried about was the crime scene," says Phillip.

Const. Dianne Penfound of Halifax Regional Police says that is “100 per cent not true,” as their members were already administering first aid when paramedics arrived. Penfound says paramedics were ordered to proceed immediately to the scene.

The video shows paramedics entering on foot, which Penfound says is standard practice.

“From what I've seen working as a police officer, the paramedics usually come in on foot with their equipment, and then, when they deem it appropriate, they take the patient out to the ambulance,” says Penfound.

"The guy walked in,” says Phillip. “He casually walked in. Here's my brother, dying of gunshot wounds to the stomach, and buddy just casually walks in."

Halifax police say they also have home video taken in the aftermath of the shooting that night, but they can't share it as it's considered evidence. They say the real focus should be on finding Terry Izzard's killer, who they say is still at large.

With files from CTV Atlantic’s Bruce Frisko