Police are investigating the unusual theft of three scuba tanks from a divers supply shop in Halifax.

Surveillance video shows the thieves smashing the storefront window at Torpedo Rays and running off with valuable scuba gear in less than 30 seconds.

The incident has left shop owner Jason Weickhert scratching his head.

“Not everyone’s going to be looking for scuba tanks and not only that, scuba tanks are very easy to track because they have serial numbers on them,” says Weickhert. “You only have so many divers and there are only so many places that can fill a scuba tank.”

The stolen tanks were brand new, without inspection stickers, and shop owners won’t fill them unless the stickers are in place.

It is the second theft of tanks from the store in the last four years.

“The previous one, they stole quite a bit more equipment, and then we did have to claim in on insurance, and yes, our rates did go up,” says Weickhert.

Weickhert says the latest robbery will cost the shop about $2,500. He hopes to replace the storefront window with shatterproof glass sometime in the next few days.

Halifax Regional Police Const. Pierre Bourdages says there have been 46 break-ins in the Halifax area since the middle of December. Six of those break-ins involved smashing a door or window at the front of a business.

“The two previous ones the vehicle was driven through a store and items stolen, but a variety of various items were stolen at all these locations,” says Bourdages.

In light of the thefts, police are recommending storeowners place less valuable products in their store windows.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Ron Shaw