HALIFAX -- Halifax Regional Police say a 42-year-old man was abducted, shot, and had his home invaded late Wednesday night.

Police say at around 11:30 p.m., they responded to a report that a man was shot in an apartment in the 1-100 block of Glen Moir Terrace in Bedford, N.S.

When police arrived, they say they learned the victim was abducted by suspects who allegedly stole his vehicle to flee the scene.

The victim, a 42-year-old man, was taken to hospital with non-life threatening injuries. Police were not able to find the suspects.

Police are describing the suspects as two men wearing dark clothing and masks, and say they were driving the victim's white 2014 Dodge Caravan cargo van.

According to police, its rear windows are covered with "white window tinting" and there's a no smoking decal on the driver side window.

Investigators do not believe the incident was a random act. They also say there is no evidence connecting it to recent shootings in the Halifax area.

"They don't have any evidence to indicate this is related to any other incidents but certainly, like any other investigation, they will follow all evidence and determine where that may take them," said Constable John MacLeod with the Halifax Regional Police. 

Police say the investigation is ongoing. They’re asking anyone with information to contact them or Crime Stoppers.


Terry Robichaud says he's a friend of the 42-year-old victim and knows his wife and two kids. He says he was shocked to hear the news.

"I hope he's okay. I text him, no text back, so I don't know if he's okay. If he's not, I don't know," said Robichaud.

Laura Green lives in the apartment building where the incident took place. She says she contacted police after hearing an altercation, including yelling and then a loud bank.

"I mean, it's a little scary this thing can happen," said Green.

Other residents of the apartment building told CTV News they were woken up by sirens and police knocking on their doors asking if they had seen or heard anything.