HALIFAX -- Halifax has had a change of heart about live-streaming games in arenas.

The municipality has been working with Hockey Nova Scotia to find a way to allow parents to watch their kids play, and late Wednesday afternoon the go-ahead was given.

A lot of memories are made on the ice, but lately many of those memories have been happening without anyone there to see them. As a health and safety representative for her daughter's hockey team, Liddy Wallace is an exception.

"I am one of the very few privileged people who get to go into the rink, but my husband is a huge hockey fan and has played since he was little and he sits in the car and waits," Wallace said.

So, Wallace set out to change a rule that forbids the live-streaming of events in HRM-run venues. An online petition she started Tuesday took off.

"It could bring so much Joy, not just to the moms and dads sitting in the freezing cold cars in the parking lot, but to the grandparents, the aunts and uncle's that don't make it to games regularly or they are away," Wallace said.

Amy Walsh is Hockey Nova Scotia's executive director.

"We've heard from members definitely, quite loud and clear over the last couple of days," Walsh said.

Those voices prompted change.

"We've worked very closely with HRM, pretty much non-stop for the last 48 hours to come to a solution to ensure that parents are able to watch their children play," Walsh said.

Live-streaming will be permitted at the discretion of the renter. Signage will also be put up in the venues to alert people their activity could be live streamed or digitally recorded.

HRM officials say the rule prohibiting the live-streaming of events isn't new and it's in place to protect the privacy of the players.

The city says player safety is still their priority.

The rule change is effective immediately, meaning those memories made on the ice won't go unnoticed any longer.