People’s patience is wearing thinner than the ice on some Halifax sidewalks after this week’s snow, rain and freezing rain left them in bad shape.

“They are about 80 per cent ice,” says one Halifax resident.

“There is way too much ice. It’s ridiculous,” says another. “Yesterday I couldn’t even leave my house.”

Property owners are responsible for some sidewalks, while the city takes care of others – the location of the sidewalk determines who clears it.

Today, more than 100 warning tickets were issued to people who didn’t shovel their sidewalks.

“We responded to complaints starting this morning and what we do is give homeowners 24 hours to clear the sidewalk in front of their home and we would follow up,” says Halifax Regional Municipality spokeswoman Michaelyn Thompson. “If the work hadn’t been done, we would do it ourselves and bill the homeowner.”

The City of Halifax is responsible to clear nearly 800 kilometers of sidewalks and trails. The city is taking some heat over the ice, but officials say crews are meeting snow removal standards.

“Crews have been working since about 5 p.m. Sunday and they continue to re-salt and re-scrape because the conditions, they’ve been really packed hard and they’ve been hard to clear,” says Thompson.

The city’s Winter Works Department says they are also at the mercy of bitter cold temperatures. They plan to salt early Wednesday morning and let the sun melt the ice a bit before scraping.

For some Halifax residents, the ice can’t leave the sidewalks soon enough.

“I am finding there is way too much ice,” says one resident. “Savage needs to know Jesus isn’t going to clear the sidewalks for him.”

With files from CTV Atlantic's Kelland Sundahl