HALIFAX -- The man known as Nova Scotia’s ‘mad inventor’ has a new trick up his sleeve, which is turning heads on downtown Halifax streets just in time for Halloween.

Allan Carver has cooked up many wild ideas inside his ‘Mad Secret Lab.'

From a life-sized Star Wars TIE Fighter, to a giant mobile wine bottle, to a 10-foot tall robot dinosaur, Carver is no stranger to imaginative creations.

The not-so-wicked witch of the East has created another unique ride -- a witch’s-broom-turned high tech, that’s stopping shoppers in their tracks.

“Well, it’s normal for me to be driving around on a broom, except my flying licence was revoked so I had to go to electric!” says Carver.

His latest creation -- an electric broom on wheels, made of harvested grass and wood of the supernatural variety -- is meant to bring a touch of Halloween spirit to the downtown core.

“We’ve done a number of projects with them,” says Carver of his partnership with the Spring Garden Area Business Association. “We built a car to show people where to park on Spring Garden, and we just though the witch would be kind of fun for Halloween.”

Carver’s creation has gone viral on social media, and is creating lots of reaction on the downtown streets.


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“I think everyone is feeling a little stressed out with COVID and it just brings a smile to everyone’s face,” says Carver.

If you want to witness his wicked mode of transportation in person, Carver’s magic broom will be back on Spring Garden Road all week for some more Halloween fun.