HALIFAX -- If you’ve ever dreamed of owning your very own ‘leg lamp’ from A Christmas Story, or a Humpty Dumpty costume from Shrek the Musical, Halifax’s Neptune Theatre has a deal for you.

In a time where the arts and culture world is struggling to keep afloat, Atlantic Canada’s largest theatre company has come up with a unique fundraiser to try to keep their doors open.

“We’re basically doing everything we can to keep this company afloat and open our doors once again,” explains Jeremy Webb, artistic director at the Neptune Theatre.

Halifax’s Neptune Theatre is auctioning off items from some of their biggest productions.

“One of the things that we are focusing on this month is an online auction where we’ve gathered together theatre memorabilia, props from shows, people have donated items, and they’re all on sale now for people to actually scroll through and bid on.”

Over 400 items, including costumes, props, set pieces, and signed cast posters are available to bid on until March 16.

“There’s a headdress from a production of the producers, it’s a glorious piece. We’ve got a prop from The Color Purple, which was an amazing hit show for us a few years ago. We’ve got lots of signed posters,” says Webb.

Some other local businesses have also contributed gift bundles to the Neptune auction.

“One of the most important things I think Neptune does is add to the heartbeat of the community,” says Webb. “We’re right in the heartbeat of downtown Halifax and it’s our job to not only entertain people but to share Atlantic Canadian stories of all Atlantic Canadians.”

“This is the theatre district and we are the theatre. Imagine if that was taken away. At first you wouldn’t notice, but after a few months, or maybe years, you’d notice there was a big gap, not just in theatre but fiscally, a gigantic gap in the businesses of the downtown core,” says Webb. “So I’m hoping that Nova Scotians understand that while it is most important right now to get everyone vaccinated and healthy and keep them in schools, arts and culture is a big part of our life.”

The auction is open now for bidding and closes on March 16.