A Halifax woman says she was unfairly prosecuted by a stranger for parking in a disabled parking spot.

Leigh MacNeil was born without an arm and the busy mom uses disabled parking spots on days that are particularly hectic.

She says Thursday was one of those days as she went back-to-school shopping with her children at the Halifax Shopping Centre.

“I pulled in here and parked. I threw my handicap parking pass up on the dash and went in the store,” says MacNeil.

While she was inside the mall, she says her pass fell on the floor and out of sight.

Meanwhile, a passerby noticed her vehicle in the disabled parking spot and failed to see the pass that had fallen on the floor.

MacNeil says that person left a nasty note but it didn’t stop there. She came back an hour later to find someone had keyed the side of her vehicle.

“He should have called mall security and let them deal with it,” she says. “I just think it’s really bad and wrong and I hope he’s watching.”

The incident was caught on security footage at the Halifax Shopping Centre. MacNeil says the person in question is a man between the ages of 60 and 70.

She wants anyone who may have seen him to come forward.

“I hope he feels bad and I hope that karma gets him in the end because what goes around comes around. I just want him to know that he’s the bad guy here, not me.”

MacNeil says it’s not worth the money to fix the scratch but it’s an unfortunate reminder every time she gets into her vehicle.

She says she will make sure the pass is carefully placed in a spot where everyone can see it from now on, to ensure she isn’t unfairly targeted ever again.

With files from CTV Atlantic's Kelland Sundahl